How Writing a Website Can Transform Your Business and Improve Your Sales Presentation

The most interesting thing about doing website writing is watching how it inevitably transforms the business. It doesn’t seem like writing should have such transformative power, but it does. Something magical happens when you commit to a website writing project, and dedicate large blocks of time to the process. The results can often be as significant as a course-altering strategic planning session. Let’s look at the ways that doing website writing can transform your business.

1. Your business plan evolves.

When you start writing a site, your business isn’t fully formed, or there are things you want to change. Describing the business in words that will be seen by your target market makes you ask this question, “If I’m going to commit to the business being a certain way, how do I want to change the business?” Turning your business mental concepts into “hard words” on a website actually forces you to consider and reconsider every aspect of your business. Suddenly, it does not make sense to continue to do things that don’t really work for you – or for your clients. Your business plan evolves as a result.

2. Your business strategy tightens up and gets more focused.

As you continue to write your website, and the business plan changes, you must change your business strategy to support that plan. As you develop your new business direction, inevitably, some tactics and activities will no longer make sense, and others become necessary. It can be a little like “strategic spring cleaning” – out with the old and worthless, in with the new and useful. Reworking your strategy is going to create new focus – and new excitement.

3. You upgrade your target market.

There’s no way around it. Doing website writing WILL upgrade your target market. Because you are committing the details of your target market to writing, it simply does not make sense to aim for any but your ideal clients. You must think in-depth about who you want to work with, what your strengths are, where the demand is, and how your background can position you to meet that demand. If you’re spending all this time and effort on website writing, you might as well upgrade your target market at the same time.

4. You get clarity at expressing the benefits that clients get from working with you.

Most of us are quite good at telling about our benefits. Few are actually gifted at translating an oral sales presentation into great – benefits-focused – marketing copy. It’s as if there is some sort of block that occurs between the telling and the writing. You’ve got to get that information down in words. As you work on doing so, you get greater clarity about what your clients get. You start to realize benefits you’ve never described before, or remember what clients are always saying to you. You will become much more clear on the benefits clients get from your relationship.

5. Writing up your service offerings for the site pushes you to improve your services.

As you start writing up your service offerings for the site, it only makes sense to update, revise, augment, and streamline your services. It would not be a smart business move to describe your services one way when you intend to change them eventually. You might as well change them at the same time you are getting the website writing done. You (wisely) make the choice to improve your service offerings NOW, rather than waiting until later.

These are five ways that writing a website can transform your business. The interesting thing though is that doing this work will inevitably also improve your sales presentation. You will have new energy and enthusiasm because of the new business plan, strategy and target market. All that is evident in your sales presentations. Your benefits and service offerings will feel much more attractive to prospects and that’s going to pay off in greater willingness to consider hiring your services.

Local Business New Marketing Format

For years, local business owners have struggled with online marketing in their attempts to connect with local customers looking for their services.

The term local businesses are predominately small business, known as “Mom-n-Pop” businesses. Both “Mom” and “Pop” often wear many hats running their businesses. As such, the daunting task of learning how to market online and then mastering what they learn has evaded them for the most part.

Small, local businesses are the backbone of every community and most don’t have the staffing needed to do their marketing for them. Some owners have hunkered down, so to speak, and learned internet marketing but those are far and few between.

The good news is that now local business owners can “have their cake and eat it too” because the new Google Place Page gives them a local online presence and doesn’t require internet marketing skills to set up.

Any type of local business qualifies for a Google’s new mini-website format and Business Listing to boot. From restaurants to retailers, from service providers to medical and legal professionals, any type of business whose customers are in their local area can get a Place Page.

Each Place Page can be customized with pictures, photos, images, logos, certifications and even YouTube videos to create a unique look and feel for each business. Many details can be added such as business name, location, phone, website, email, hours of operation, types of products and services provided, types of payments accepted, directions, a map, a special invitation from the owner, discounts or coupons and a full description of all the services provided.

Many business owners across the country are already enjoying the benefits of making a good strong positive impression in their local community with their very own site from Google. Not overly difficult for the “do-it-yourself” business owner, Place Pages put a new face on your business.

The key to setting up your site is to be organized before you begin. You’ll want to develop your Business Profile and then build your Place Page site with the details from the profile. If you just go in and start adding information without an organized plan, your site runs the risk of looking haphazard.

Having your own Place Page from Google is a huge boost for any local business because it gives you the opportunity to give your customers all the information they need to know about your business in one place.

Local Business Advertising – Small Businesses and Online Advertising

Many businesses, both large and small, spend abundance on advertising on newspapers and other local business advertising. Even more money is spent when it comes to advertising on a popular channel on TV. Yet, many businesses aren’t aware or simply ignore the fact that the internet is a very powerful marketing tool with many benefits and little costs.

The main benefit of online advertising is its price. Typically, the form of online advertising that is most often used is pay-per-click. This is where a company pays a certain amount of money whenever an ad is clicked on. Doing large advertising campaigns may become a little pricey, but it is often nothing when compared to the amount paid for television advertising. The price of online advertising is brought lower every day, which means less money spent by businesses trying to market their products and services.

Online advertising can be easily targeted to ensure better results. You can make it where a different advertisement will be shown to potential customers on a gardening site than on a gaming site. Advertisements that are more relevant to a person are more likely to entice. This means more people clicking on your advertisements, and more people purchasing your products and services, or at least being aware of them.

Most offline advertising is limited to only local business advertising. Or, the advertising may only show during specific times. Yet, online advertising is shown to potential customers and clients every day at every time of day. It doesn’t matter if these potential customers live in the USA or if they live in China. Because of this, you will find that more people are being exposed to your products. You will also receive a wider variety of customers or clients with different personalities and interests.

For small businesses that don’t have much money to invest in advertising, they can easily use email marketing to garner more customers or clients. Email marketing is where companies send useful emails that both inform the reader and entice the reader into purchasing their products or services. Companies may need to hire someone to write emails that encourage converts, but other than that, there are no other major costs.